Rigao Electronics: Pioneering Custom PCB Manufacturer in China

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Since its inception in 2006, Rigao Electronics has ascended to become a preeminent figure in the global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) arena. With a comprehensive suite of offerings covering research and development, production, sales, and technical support, they specialize in high-quality, high-speed and cost-effective PCB designs for a multitude of sectors.

Growth Evolution During the past decade, Rigao Electronics has undergone significant growth, scaling up from an initial factory space of 48,000 square meters to a formidable annual production capacity of 360,000 square meters by 2022. This expansion underlines their relentless commitment to fulfilling the evolving needs of their clientele.

Custom PCB Manufacturer in China

End-to-End Services 

Rigao Electronics provides end-to-end solutions across the whole product lifecycle, including:

  1. PCB Manufacturing: Specializing in manufacturing high-quality PCBs of various types – multilayer, rigid-flex, HDI, and high-frequency designs. Notably, they also excel in producing Thermal Core PCBs for enhanced thermal management in high-temperature applications.

  2. PCB Assembly (PCBA): Ensuring seamless integration of components onto the PCB, Rigao's capabilities extend from prototyping to mass production of single-sided and double-sided boards.

  3. Component Procurement: Rigao expertly handles raw materials sourcing to maintain a streamlined supply chain.

  4. IC Programming: Their skilled technicians precisely program integrated circuits to meet customer-specific requirements.

  5. Functional Testing: Rigao subjects PCB prototypes and production boards to rigorous testing for functionality and reliability under varying conditions.

Quality Standards Rigao Electronics conforms to the apex of industry standards:

  1. Certifications: Certified with ISO 9001:2009, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, and TS16949.

  2. IPC Compliance: Following IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 norms, ensuring consistent quality in all manufactured products.

Technical Expertise 

With a robust team of engineers, Rigao reviews all client-submitted data files, including Gerber files and design documents, aiming to optimize manufacturing processes and maximize the production process efficiency. They also consider factors like thermal conductivity of the chosen PCB material and the use of heat sinks for power supplies and other electronic devices.

Industry Applications Rigao's PCBs find application in a variety of domains:

  1. IoT: Boosting smart device interconnectivity.

  2. Auto BMS: Supporting automotive battery management systems.

  3. Telecommunications: Fueling communication networks.

  4. Medical Devices: Enhancing healthcare technology.

  5. Artificial Intelligence: Enabling AI-driven solutions.

  6. Industrial Control: Simplifying automation and control systems.


In the domain of custom PCB manufacturing+, Rigao Electronics shines due to its dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation. Regardless of your business maturity, partnership with Rigao ensures your PCB designs transform into tangible, assembled PCBs on a large scale with utmost precision. Remember, the strength of a PCB forms the bedrock of any electronic product; choose wisely and make Rigao Electronics your trusted collaborator on your innovative journey.